“River Tree”


30” x 24”


   There is a spot I stop at on the Jemez River. It's very private and quiet. There's a small river bend there, and a grassy rise to sit on. Across the stream there are several small trees where the Beavers have taken a liking to eat the new growth, which leaves a gnarled appearance to them. Yet each year the new shoots push forth into whip-like limbs.

  They very much remind me of the basket willows I have seen that are harvested in Northern Europe, and much painted there by various artists, Van Gogh not the least of them.

    I worked on this painting over and over for a few years, always layering paint on paint trying to just get that late morning light on the fast running River, and of the energy of the willow trying with its all to continue to grow, until once again harvested by the Beavers. 

  There's so much energy in nature. It is so alive. It makes me driven to express my take on it all while I'm here.